Login Details for Company Users

Control Panel Login URLs

Your Company Users can login into their respective Control Panels from your Control Panel URL, followed by their Role [Support/Billing/Sales], as explained below:

Support User Login URL - https://<YOUR_CONTROL_PANEL_URL>/support

Billing User Login URL - https://<YOUR_CONTROL_PANEL_URL>/billing

Sales User Login URL - https://<YOUR_CONTROL_PANEL_URL>/sales

In order to retrieve your Control Panel URL, point to Settings in the Menu within your Reseller Control Panel and click Branding Settings. Then, click the Control Panel tab. Here, you can find your Control Panel URL.

Additional Information

Setting your Control Panel URL

Control Panel Password Modification

You would have to assist your Company Users, if they happen to forget their Username / Password for accessing their Control Panel. In such cases, there are 2 methods available for you. You can select any of the following methods to help your Company Users login to their Control Panel:

Forgot Password (Anchor: forgot)


This method is useful when your Company User has forgotten his Password.

You may direct your Company User to reset the Password himself.

  1. The Company User needs to visit the Control Panel Login URL as mentioned above.

  2. Click the Forgot Password link.

  3. Provide his Username (Email Address) and click the Send Reset Instructions button.

    This would send an email to his email address, containing a link through which the Company User can reset his Control Panel Password.

    • The link in the email will be valid for one hour from the time it was sent and it can be used to change the Password only once.

    • Only 5 attempts for sending the Password reset instructions are allowed in a 24 hour duration.

    • The email will also contain a link to cancel an unauthorized Password reset attempt.

Change Password (Anchor: change)


This method is useful if a Company User has forgotten his Password and is also unable to get the Password reset instructions via email. You can change his Password and provide him the same.

You may change your Company User's Current Password.

  1. In the Menu, point to Settings -> Company Users and click List. This will list the existing Company Users along with their Role.

  2. Click the Name link of the Company User to bring up the Details view for the Company User.

  3. Click the Modify button.

  4. Provide a new Password.


    You need to consider the following, in relation with the Password (Anchor: password):

    • Allowed Password length is 9 to 16 characters.

    • It should contain at least:

      • 1 lowercase character
      • 1 uppercase character
      • 1 number
      • 1 special character. (Allowed special characters are: ~*!@$#%_+.?:,{})
    • Change the Password on a regular basis.

    • Avoid Password that contains personal information (name, birth place, etc.) or dictionary words.

    • Avoid using repeating characters (aaaaaa), keyboard patterns (asdfgh) or sequential numbers (123456).

    • Do not disclose your Password to anyone.

    • While setting a new Password, you may not re-use the current Password or the previous Password.

  5. Click the Submit button to save the changes.